Howto MAD Backend

Buy Licenses (PD / PE)

Use our Webshop or Patreon to complete a monthly subscription.

Webshop: Link
Patreon: Link

Access MAD Backend

After buying a license you could access the MAD Backend. Open up one of the Links – depending on our selected license plattform:

Webshop: Link
Patreon: Link

Attention: After authenticating to our Backend you get the password to login onto it. Note this password!

Generate Devices Passwords

To get your devices connected to the MAD backend, you need a device specific password. You could generate that with our Backend.

Backend: Link

Creating Device Password

In order to be able to use the functions of MAD with a device, a Device Password must be created. This is required for login with our apps.

After you have logged in, open the “Password management”.

Open Password management

Now create a new custom device Password. In addition to the password, a limit can be set for devices. Optionally there’s a field for a comment.

Password management

Device Login

Use your e-Mail address and the device Password for the app login.