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If a login is not possible, please update to the latest versions.
Background: security certificates have changed

Tax adjustments (MADdev shop)

Currently, all sales/subs to users in the EU are subject to the German tax rate (19%). Starting 1st of July 2020, due to legal obligations, the tax rate will be adjusted to the individual tax rate applicable for the country provided.
The net price of each license itself does not change, the tax rate will. The taxes paid go to each country individually – there is nothing we (MADDev) can do about that.
While this may raise the price for some of you (where the tax rate is more than 19%), you have to keep in mind that we are not some random strangers on the darkweb taking crypto currencies ;).
Any complaints about the tax rate applied should be sent to the representatives of your own country.
German customers will pay the 16% tax rate that is due starting 1st of July 2020 (presumably until 31st of Decembre 2020).