Pogo Enhancer (Trial)

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Enhance your installed Pogo on your phone with nice options 🙂

TRIAL VERSION! 24h full usage.

If you are interested in the full version, please contact us via our discord chat.

2 reviews for Pogo Enhancer (Trial)

  1. Kerstin Lang (verified owner)

    What it does:
    Fakes GPS Location,
    Autowalks to nearby Monster within around 200 meters range if they’re found,
    Enhances throws into good & excellente ones.
    Shows IV,
    Autospin Pokestop.
    Speedup Catch Animations.

    Throw Enhancer & Fake Gps with teleport option, might be good, but it is a pain to search for latitude and longitude in other apps. A function wich opens something like GoogleMaps and you can simply pick a point, would make it soo much better.
    IV Showoff might be a nice thing but not really that important due the fact there are much free apps who “likely” do the same.
    Worth 4 bucks a Month. Meh, kinda, due complicated map navigation, and LACKING documentation. For example I was trapped in random messages, RGC is not systemized, so what has rgc to do with this app? Nothing. THIS app need to be systemized wich means, move to systempriv apps.
    And because of that I say 4 stars. 🙂

    • Grennith

      Actually, it’s usually more than 200m for most people as it depends on the latitude of the location played at.
      Gmap-URLs can be opened with PogoEnhancer and you can paste locations fairly easily. I guess you are asking for something like a map which you can drop pins/locations on?
      The app does not need to be systemized, we should probably clearify on the legacy option there, you are correct.

  2. Piatra (verified owner)

    working good

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